mercredi 14 février 2007

Unusual Sculptures - Sculptures Insolites

"Virgin Mother" by Damien Hirst - New York City

Quelques sculptures insolites que l'on peut voir dans différentes villes autour du monde...

A few unusual sculptures from different cities around the world...

"La Mano" by Mario Irarrazabal in Punta del Este (Uruguay)
Credit Photo: Patricia Soransso

"Fremont Troll" by Steve Badanes, Will Martin,
Donna Walter and Ross Whitehead in Seattle, WA (USA)

"Charles La Trobe" by Charles Robb in Melbourne (Australia)

"Parable with a Skull" by Jaroslav Rona in Prague (Czech Republic)

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Patrícia a dit…

Very nice your blog!
Thanks for posting my photo and the credits. I'm happy that someone did this ^^ hehehe
Hugs from Brazil!

Anonyme a dit…

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