lundi 7 janvier 2008

Obscene Interiors - Interieurs Obscenes

Brandt Botes (Von Brandis) est un artiste Sud Africain basé à Cape Town.

"Obscene Interiors" est le titre d'une série de photos postées sur Flickr.

Brandt Botes a collecté des images pornographiques sur le web et a effacé les acteurs afin de mettre en évidence les décors assez kitsch de ces scènes pornos.

Selon lui, la combinaison de ces intérieurs vintage et de la pornographie invisible créé l'intrigue...

Brandt Botes, aka Von Brandis, is a South African artist based in Cape Town.

In his latest Flickr set titled "Obscene Interiors", Brandt Botes used some old pornographic pictures found on the web and he removed the actors in order to enhance the kitsch decor.

According to Von Brandis, the combination of vintage interiors and invisible pornography creates intrigue...

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Justin a dit…

FYI - this concept of removing the figures from porn began with a feature called “Obscene Interiors” on my website in 1999 and was covered shortly after by The New York Times and other publications. My collection of online male personal ads with the figures grayed out became a book, “Obscene Interiors: Hardcore Amateur Decor” published in 2004 by Baby Tattoo.
This Brandt Botes person (aka Von Brandis) you’ve mentioned was clearly “inspired” by my work.

Yago a dit…

Thank you Justin for your further details!