jeudi 4 septembre 2008

The BLAB! Show

Marc Burckhardt - "Well-Matched Lovers"

La galerie CoproNason à Los Angeles présente le BLAB! Show, une exposition de peintures et d'illustrations, avec notamment, Ryan Heshka, qui emprunte des thèmes d'anciens Pulps de science fiction...

CoproNason Gallery presents The BLAB! Show, an art exhibition featuring original paintings and illustrations from the forthcoming issue of BLAB! Magazine.

Check out Ryan Heshka's work which borrows themes from old science fiction pulps...

Ron English - "Adam and Eve in the Garden of Guernica"

Ryan Heshka

Ryan Heshka - "Web of the Super Servants"

Spain - "Blab Avenue"

Travis Louie - "Phil"

Shag - "The Firm Deadline"

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The BLAB! Show

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CoproNason Gallery

Ryan Heshka

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