jeudi 26 novembre 2009

Okko Bling Bling Market Cart - Chariot de Courses Bling Bling

Chariot de Courses Bling Bling créé par l'agence de publicité turque Çözüm d'Istanbul pour la boutique gourmet d'OKKO.

Directeur artistique: Gokhan Yucel

OKKO Gourmet Market Cart Bling Bling created by Turkish advertising agency Çözüm for OKKO gourmet supermarket in Istanbul.

Creative Director / Copywriter
: Gokhan Yucel

Liens, links:

Bling Bling Market Cart @ Gokhan Yucel Flickr

OKKO Gourmet Market Bling @ Ads of the World

Via: Weekly Teinou Bee Woman

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