mardi 1 décembre 2009

Chen Haiwen China 56 Ethnic Groups - 56 Ethnies de Chine

Ethnic Tibetan

Le photographe chinois Chen Haiwen et son équipe ont parcouru la Chine afin de photographier les 56 ethnies qui composent la nation chinoise.

Allez découvrir la belle galerie photo sur news.wenxuecity

Chinese photographer Chen Haiwen has led his crew of 14 Chinese photographers through some 190,000 km in roughly 554 counties and cities. They have taken 57,228 pictures of the 56 Chinese ethnic groups.

Check out an impressive photo gallery @ news.wenxuecity

Ethnic Kazak

Ethnic Daur

Ethnic Pumi

Ethnic Maonan

Ethnic Oroqen

Ethnic Monba

Ethnic Uzbek

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