lundi 10 mars 2008

SkyTran Personal Maglev Electric Vehicles - Concept Transport Individuel Maglev

SkyTran, developpé par la firme américaine Unimodal Transport Solutions, est un concept de transport futuriste.

SkyTran fonctionne avec des véhicules transportant deux passagers qui sont propulsés et suspendus par un système Maglev (sustentation magnétique).

Les véhicules individuels pourront atteindre 160 km/h en ville et jusqu'à 240 km/h entre les villes!

The American company UniModal Transport Solutions developed a concept for a very high-capacity and high-speed Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) network.

The SkyTran system operates with individual, two-passenger vehicles, which are propelled and suspended by a Maglev system from overhead guideways.

Individual vehicles are capable of speeds up to 160 kilometres per hour within city limits or 240 kilometres per hour between cities. A very short braking distance allows a distance between traveling vehicles of a mere 25 metres.

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